Small things count...

We care about our commitment to the future and believe that the little things we can do together can cumulatively make a difference.


A final word about Air Conditioning - we aren't a fan, but recognise it is essential in an establishment such as ours. That said, for the reasons stated above, we believe its use can be kept to a minimum in our building. Let us not forget that whilst Air Conditioning keeps things cool on the inside, this involves pumping the extracted heat into the “Great Outside” and is an often-forgotten major contributor to global warming. Cooling solutions are projected to contribute over 10% of global emissions in coming years - more than the air travel and shipping sectors combined!! Our building is naturally cool in summer and warm in winter, and we would ask our guests to use the Air Conditioning sparingly and sensibly.

This is an ongoing mission and we are taking on the challenges to do what we can. We welcome suggestions from our guests on where we can do more. Every little bit helps.